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Liners for Miners

Mining firms may sometimes require liners for short, medium or long term use. DDT Liners can provide the products and/or services to suit your company’s requirements.


Short Term Liners

Often these are relatively compact size  (eg 30m x 30m), factorycanvacon-prefab-liner-2 pre-fabricated for quick installation, and they tend to be thinner gauge (eg. 250 -300 micron), and relatively inexpensive.

DDT can meet the need, with 300 Um LDPE, or with CANVACON (reinforced PE). Quite large sheets can be prefabricated if required.

Please note: Because these membranes are thinner, and the seams are not usually “twin-track” [and are unable to be inflation-tested] the degree of “quality assurance” will usually be lower than that which can be given for a more robust, thicker liner. Having a woven supporting “scrim”, a  CANVACON liner will usually be “safer” than a liner made from thin unsupported film.


Medium Term Liners

LDPE, 0.5mm , or ENVIROLINER 0.75mm , or Polypropylene 0.5, or 0.75mm,  usually with attractive UV warranties, can be readily supplied  and prefabricated into single sheet sizes up to , say, 2,000 m2 or more.


Longer Term Liners


HDPE is the usual “weapon of choice” – in gauges from 1.5mm up to 3.00mm.


0128---fkg-fv94-pano-1-698-x-370Chemical resistance, long life, greater security, and trouble-free service in an often harsh environment,  are  the usual requirements, along with the need for a trustworthy installation.

DDT Liners have installed such liners at mine-sites in some of the most remote parts of Australia and elsewhere. We’ve lined tailings dams, leach pads, evaporation ponds, brine ponds, tank-farm bunds, contaminated material containment bunds, process-water dams; even a section of a diverted creek bed!

legune-station-n.t-20.11.05-019-698-x-371Please note: State and Federal Regulations regarding dam/pond design and construction, and dam linings, may apply in many mining situations.

If required, DDT Liners can recommend qualified and experienced Designers for Civil Works including comprehensive liner systems.


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