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Quality Assurance

DDT Liners is a Quality Assured Company. We are Certified and Audited by CACS, (Compliance Australia Certification Services) to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008. www.cacs.net.au

Our Quality Control/Quality Assurance  Programme covers our entire Management System, including our On Site Installation Processes. That means that every project we undertake, big or small, is executed with the same emphasis on Quality . 


Part of our Quality Programme includes the rigorous testing of our joins. Wedge welds, which are the main seams in a liner or cover, are inflation tested - typically to 30psi (210 kPa). Samples of these welds may also be cut out of the liner, to be destructively tested with a tensiometer - to test the shear and peel strength of the weld. Extrusion welds are Vacuum Tested and/or spark Tested to verify that the weld is intact.

Every aspect of the on site installation process, from panels deployed to destructive test results, is documented. Upon completion of a Project, our administration team compiles a “Manufacturer’s Data Report” (MDR) which includes all the on site documentation completed by our supervisors. All MDRs are kept on file, and a copy provided to clients upon their request.







          Inflation Test                              Vacuum Test                           Destructive Test

Quality Policy

Quality Policy DDT Liners is a supplier and installer of geomembrane liners for dams and containment systems. Our activities include on-site fabrication and installation of a range of geosynthetic and geomembrane products. Our Quality Management System is based on the International Quality Management Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001.  Commitment: Comply… Read more